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10 FAQs for an insurance agency and their answers

1. What is the cheapest insurance I can get away with?

We need to get to know you. What are your liabilities and your basic needs. Then we’ll find a product, then a price.

2.What can Loudin Insurance help with?

We can help with all kinds of insurance business or personal, health, home or auto. So, let’s talk about it.

3. Shouldn’t I look at other insurance agencies? Aren’t some better at home and auto where others are better at health coverage?

Indeed, you do need to shop around. You can do that right here with us. With Loudin Insurance we compare the costs of several companies and match them up to you and your families needs for a combined coverage.

4. How long will this take?

Mostly, you’re covered right away. You can rest assured that we’ll find the most compatible coverage available without you running all over town or delaying coverage while you’re waiting to get back more quotes.

5. Will I be locked into these rates?

For the term of the policy, you will have your rates set. However, if when a policy expires you want to negotiate a better rate, you may be able to.

6. What will lower my rate?

Things like good driving records, and not smoking can lower your rates, or at least keep them from rising. If, after your policy expires, you want us to shop around for a better rate from a different company, we’ll be happy to take a look.

7. When will my coverage start?

Most types of coverage can start right away with a prorate for the month you’re in. Though starting right away, medical coverage may get adjusted pending a medical examination or document processing.

8. Do I have to come into the office to pay every month with combined coverage?

You don’t have to come into our office every month. Though that’s a sure bet to getting your premium paid. Or, you can pay by check in the mail, or electronic payment processing.

9. What kind of documentation do I provide?

We can start with your ID and Social Security number. As we need more, we’ll ask.

10. What if I can’t afford the whole health, car and home insurance package right now?

Start with what you can, and phase the rest in later. Get minimum coverage to make sure all your liabilities are covered, then improve your coverage over time.